Advanced Realtime Collaboration

Zoom and Meet work great for day to day meetings, but sometimes you need a different tool for larger meetings, social gatherings, poster sessions or ? IT has specialized tools and recommendations for your use cases (including the ones you might not have thought of yet!).

Virtual Placemaking Software

The Lab has conducted a number of experiments with tools that merge video conferencing with virtual spaces, allowing attendees to wander in virtual space and talk to people near them. iSee, pictured above, is one such tool. We are currently working with another vendor as well. If you have a need for such an event, please contact and we can assist you.

Tools we have experience and/or licenses for include Pluto and Kumospace - so get in touch.

Merged / Hybrid Reality Realtime Support

  • How can people work safely together in laboratory environments without being in the same room?

  • How can we provide hands on training to the next generation of experimentalists, when we can't both be hands on at the same time?

  • How can we ensure safety at the bench level when hands on mentoring and instruction isn't possible?

If these kinds of questions are ones your group is struggling with, merged reality video may be of interest. Merged Reality video support can allow a remote person to view the work of the onsite person, and, in various ways depending on the software, interact with the onsite person's view to assist with performing work. Typically this software allows the remote user to add markup on top of the onsite user's view, highlighting areas, circling parts of equipment, etc.

IT is conducting a pilot with a Help Lightning. If you are interested in participating, please get in touch at to let us know about your use case.

Vendors include (these are not endorsements, just examples):


Microsoft Dynamics 365 Remote Assist