Interactive Scientific Notebooks

With Jupyter-based notebooks, you can work together with others in realtime with live computational jobs and interactive calculations. IT provides access to Google Colaboratory notebooks, as well as our in-house Jupyter-hub based services connected to Lawrencium.

Google Colab implements Jupyter notebooks as a service with full support for collaborative sharing and editing. You can run calculations and compute jobs on Google's infrastructure or your local system. You can even experiment with AI/ML techniques including Tensorflow.

Colab is not part of the Lab's G Suite license, but it stores its data within your Lab provided Google Drive and respects Lab sharing permissions. Colab is provided as a free tier by Google, and a Colab Pro subscription is also available. Limited support is available from ScienceIT.


IT's Scientific Computing Services group provides Jupyter Hub enabled notebooks as a service for interactive access to Lawrencium. These notebooks exist within our new Open On Demand (OOD) environment, which provides a visual interface to the power of our cluster computing environment. For more information contact