Document Collaboration and Sharing

Working together in realtime or asynchrosouly across Docs, Sheets, Slides, Forms, and Sites is a powerful tool for teams. And with Overleaf, you can even work collaboratively in LaTex.

With Overleaf, scientific teams can work together in a WYSIWYG LaTex editor. The Lab has an sitewide license for Overleaf - just sign up with your email address for full access to the tool. More information about Overleaf is here.

Collaboratively write, calculate, and present. Scientific teams in particular should pay special attention to Sheets, which has eclipsed Excel in its ability to handle large and complex datasets and to integrate code with spreadsheets. Meanwhile, DataStudio offers new ways to present realtime data in dashboards, sourced from a variety of data sources. Combine these tools with Zoom or Meet for interactive authoring and development with your team.